UltraGloss / Clear Coat / UGC.6000


ULTRAGLOSS UGC.6000 is a premium quality, high solids Urethane Clearcoat formulated to deliver a rich, high gloss durable yet flexible finish every time. ULTRAPRO is designed for all those day-to-day repairs… from the small spot repairs to completes, to be used in either air dry or force dry spray booth applications. Select the UGH.102 fast dry hardener for those smaller repair jobs.

The high solids content of ULTRAGLOSS offers a high film build and greater coverage making it an economical and easy to use clear coat. It can be used over all paint manufacturers’ base coat paint systems.

ULTRAGLOSS clear coat is designed to enhance and protect the vehicle’s refinished surface against harmful ultra violet rays, fading, stone chips, industrial pollution, salt and other harsh road and weather conditions.

The unique formulation of ULTRAGLOSS virtually eliminates the ongoing problems of “solvent popping” and “die back” commonly caused by the presence of excessive solvent and/or the lack of proper waiting time between coats.

ULTRACOAT OFFERS a reducer specifically for the clear coat. We offer a range of clear coat reducers, from Extra Fast to Slow to meet the end user’s requirement for evaporating time. The end user should select the appropriate clear coat reducer primarily based on the temperature in which the clear coat will be applied and on the size of the surface to which it will be applied. Should you require a faster speed of dry for those small repairs, add 1 capful of UCS.202A Accelerator to 1 quart of ready-to-spray material.


Rich, High Gloss Finish
Excellent Flexibility
Excellent Flow Out & Coverage
Excellent Buffing Ability
Outstanding Exterior Durability
Easy Application
Excellent Resistance to Yellowing & Pollution
Extreme cost effectiveness
Low V.O.C.
Made in Canada

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