UltraClear / Clear Coat / UCC.8000


ULTRACLEAR UCC.8000 is a superior, high solids urethane clear coat formulated to deliver a long-lasting, durable, rich, high gloss finish every time.

This easy to use low viscosity clear coat system is designed to be used on large repair areas and completes, preferably for force dry spray applications and can be used over all paint manufacturers’ base coat paint systems.

The unique formulation and high solids content of ULTRACLEAR clear coat offers exceptional flow properties, excellent coverage, and results in a durable, deep glossy finish that you expect from a urethane topcoat.

ULTRACOAT offers a range of ULTRACLEAR urethane clear coat reducers, from fast to slow dry, to meet your various speed of dry requirements. Select the appropriate urethane clear coat reducer based on the temperature in which the clear coat will be applied and on the size of the surface to which it will be applied to extract the optimum performance of the ULTRACLEAR clearcoat System.


  • Deep, Rich Glossy Finish
  • Exceptional Flow Out & Coverage
  • Superior Exterior Durability
  • Low Viscosity, Easy to Apply
  • Fast Dry times
  • Excellent Buffing Properties
  • Excellent Resistance to Yellowing & Pollution

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