Paint Technology for Industrial and Fleet Refinishing Pros

We manufacture industrial and fleet coatings in Canada.

About Ultracoat Industries

Most Canadian coating manufactures either closed down or moved off shore. We were using imported coatings from a vast array of countries and wondered what had happened to the Canadian Coatings Sector. With this in mind we created Ultracoat Industries to the fill a void in Canadian manufacturing.

made-in-canada-med-2By manufacturing these coatings in Canada, we help boost local manufactures who supply us with everything, from labels and metal cans, to the pallets and boxes. The only way to help Canadian manufacturers keep busy and employed by other Canadians is to support each other and buy Canadian. Oversea companies have come to associate “Made in Canada” with quality. Because of our quality and value, we have already begun to export our products overseas.

With backgrounds in the collision industry, coatings manufacturing and fleet repair, we have a combined 100 years of knowledge in all these sectors and have applied this knowledge to our products.

We knew what we expected as refinishers and know what you expect from us, and so our products reflect exactly that.

  • We manufacture different lines of paint to suit the needs of every refinish sector
  • Our wide range of additives help refinishers achieve the results they need.

  • We have 100 years of combined collision, coatings and fleet repair knowledge.
  • Our paint technology is made for industrial and automotive pros.
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Our coatings technology gives you the flexibility and durability for your professional refinishing needs.

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